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Product Launches

Product launches provide guests a first-hand look of your newly released product or service. 

At Flower Power Events we understand that this is your opportunity to show attendees what it is, how it works, and how it benefits them in their personal or professional life.  

That’s why we have come up with our: 6 Steps to the Perfect Product Launch!


1. Choosing a Venue

We understand you want the emphasis to be on the product and not the venue. Nevertheless, the right venue is critical. That’s why where possible we try to associate the product with the venue. For example for a car launch we would choose a venue that has a proven track record for these types of events not only to ensure stringent health and safety measures are adhered to but for other simple reasons such as ease of accesses.


2. Choosing the Theme

The theme should be related to the product and/or your industry. If you’re releasing for example a digital marketing software, then we would recommend online marketing is the theme, and arrange activities like SEO workshops, social media marketing lectures etc. These activities serve as a lead-in for your product. Promotional give-aways in this case would be items such as thumb drives, pens, and other office products that those in the industry may find useful.


3. Entertainment

Whilst the launch should be informative first and foremost, we would recommend you incorporate an entertainment element to it to make it more fun and memorable. 

If there’s a dance floor, for example, then we would suggest finishing the event with a dance, or a stand-up comedian who hopefully can incorporate the product or the industry in some way or another into their routine. Entertainment is an activity that engages attendees directly while also promoting your product and brand.


4. Event Timing

When should you hold the event? We will help you decide on the perfect timing for your event.  For example this could be the day the product is released or as a teaser several days before. While there’s no set rule, we would recommend holding the event no more than two weeks before the release date.  If your product would make an excellent Christmas gift then we would recommend the product launch on a weekend during the build up to the Christmas period for example. 


5. Social Media Activity Before the Event

We will help you to put together an online marketing strategy that involves a combination of social media, email newsletters, and perhaps even offline methods.  For example holding a social media contest with the winner winning a free event ticket, or even the product itself; which would be presented to the winner at the event?


6. Plan the Follow-Up

Before the hype dies down after the product launch there is still opportunity to increase sales by keeping up the social media activity by using the same strategies as the pre-event marketing. This could be some sort of incentive if sales didn’t meet expectation, a free trial offer for example. The whole idea is to keep discussion of the product going weeks after its release.

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